The Future of 5G Market: Qualcomm and Apple Reach New Deal to Supply 5G Chips Until 2026

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Published: 20.09.23

The new deal between Qualcomm and Apple is a major boost for Qualcomm as it secures the company’s supply of chips to Apple for the next three years. This is important for Qualcomm because Apple is the world’s largest smartphone maker, and its chips are used in all of Apple’s 5G iPhones.

Moreover, this deal is a sign of the improving relationship between Qualcomm and Apple. In the past, Apple had been designing its own 5G chips but struggled to keep up with the demand. With the new deal in place, Apple can focus on designing chips for other products, such as the Mac and the iPad, while Qualcomm will continue to supply the chips for Apple’s iPhones.

Overall, the new deal between Qualcomm and Apple presents a positive development for the 5G market as it ensures a steady supply of 5G chips to meet the growing demand of 5G devices, which is expected to continue to be on the rise in the coming years.

Reference: Apple IPhone 5G Modem Chip Qualcomm Deal 2026


Article by Benchawan Chantima

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