Platform Engineering: The Top Tech Trend Transforming Software Development in 2024

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Published: 16.01.24

Platform engineering is rapidly emerging as a game-changer in the software development landscape, poised to significantly disrupt the way we build and deploy software in 2024 and beyond.

What is Platform Engineering?

At its core, platform engineering focuses on building Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) – self-service platforms that empower developers by abstracting away complex technical infrastructure. These IDPs provide readily available tools, services, and workflows for developers to:

•   Deploy and manage infrastructure easily

•   Write, test, and deploy code efficiently

•   Monitor and troubleshoot issues quickly

•   Collaborate seamlessly with other teams

Why is platform engineering transforming software development?

The impact of platform engineering is multifaceted, offering tangible benefits across various aspects of development:

•   Empowering Developers: IDPs provide developers with readily available tools and services, freeing them from infrastructure hassles and boosting productivity and speed.

•   Improved Efficiency and Scalability: Standardizes workflows and automation streamline development processes, enabling faster scaling and reducing redundancy.

•   Enhanced Security and Compliance: Built-in security best practices ensure consistent application compliance and reduce security risks.

Challenges of Platform Engineering

Although it seems promising, platform engineering also presents unique challenges:

•   Complexity: Building and maintaining robust IDPs requires considerable expertise in various technologies and methodologies, posing a challenge for smaller teams or organizations.

•   Buy-in and Adoption: Successfully implementing an IDP requires broad acceptance and active adoption from developers, which can be challenging if they are not accustomed to new workflows or if they find the platform clunky or inadequate.

•   Resource Constraints: Building and maintaining an IDP requires specialized skills and resources, which can be a strain on already stretched teams and budgets.


Platform engineering presents a transformative opportunity for software development in 2024. By providing developers with self-service tools and streamlining processes, IDPs can unlock significant efficiency gains, boost developer productivity, and enhance security and compliance. While challenges exist, addressing them through skilled implementation, developer engagement, and embracing emerging trends will allow organizations to leverage the full potential of this game-changing approach.


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Benchawan Chanthima