JavaScript : What make it so popular?

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Published: 18.07.22

If you are looking on the tech job board you will see that the most required language for software development is JavaScript.

As per our experience as open-source recruitment consultants, JavaScript is the modern programming that is used in every industry due to it being an open-source language that every company can have access to. The frameworks provided are also very convenient to use for both front-end and back-end development.

The reason for using frameworks instead of writing pure JavaScript is to increase productivity and speed up the development process. Imagine that you want to build the chairs, you don’t need to go to cut the tree but there is already pieces of the wood for you to build it.

Nevertheless, there are various front-end frameworks that can be utilized differently and the most popular framework for front-end development is React.js.

React.js – the most popular framework was developed by Facebook which as everyone knows has a huge community. React.js component can be reused and can work well amongst the development team. Furthermore, as we discussed with JavaScript developers, they usually mentioned that if you can write React.js you can write any framework of the JavaScript base.

Angular – the oldest framework was developed by Google – the first version is Angular.js but the new version is Angular2+, and it’s caused some issues because you need to rebuild all the code using Angular2+ due to it’s not being the same structure. However, the benefit of using Angular is when you are building the website, it will be highly interactive and Angular has a special structure and architecture that can obtain the large scales for upcoming development.

Vue.js – the newest framework was developed by a Google ex-employee in 2016 and maintained by a group of developers which has a low learning curve. The reason that developers decide the use Vue.js is because of its simplicity. We can say that Vue.js has everything that developers need due to its relatively complete ecosystem. Vue.js also fits along well with other core technologies for building web pages like HTML and CSS.

For back-end development, Node.js is the framework that creates high performance for web applications. The applications powered by Node.js can be used for multi-tasking capability. Moreover, Node.js is easily saleable for modern applications. We can see the well-known platforms powered by Node.js such as Netflix, Uber, PayPal, etc.

To summarize, JavaScript is a contemporary language that is widely used since it’s can be integrated with other languages to communicate with databases and their non-stop progress. JavaScript represents the idea of diversity and is able to be used in every industry.

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Article by Pimpisa Chin-u-rairat and Premyuda Thammapatcharakorn

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