Cathcart Technology Thai Team in the UK! Hear from our members who have had great experience working at our Headquarters.

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Published: 15.12.22

Cathcart Technology in the UK!

Last month, four of our consultants at Cathcart Technology visited our head office in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is a unique opportunity we offer all our team if they manage to hit their goals. The team on this trip is Yaya, Joe, Book, and Toon. All four of them share their experiences working in Edinburgh and discuss their work culture and the atmosphere of the UK.  

Joe: Our principal recruitment consultant told us that… 

“It’s a great opportunity to exchange experiences, change workplaces, and learn about the work culture there. Fortunately, we went during the World Cup, which is something the British take very seriously. We can see World cup broadcasting everywhere even in the office.  

What I really enjoyed was that our cathcart technology team in the UK provide trainers to give advice on stress management, which is a great activity for our role that faces both stress and pressure.  

We also went to Edinburgh, and we were warmly greeted by Sam, who is a co-founder of Cathcart Technology. Sam took us on a tour of the landmarks, and we visited the Highlands which is the rural part of Scotland with beautiful nature. Before returning to Bangkok, we shared an authentic Scottish meal with Sam and Gordon. We would like to thank our two Co-founders for their warm welcome and appreciate the great opportunity that Cathcart Technology has provided for us.”   


Yaya: Our senior recruitment consultant told us that… 

“I was very impressed going to work at the UK headquarters and felt that the weather here was very nice, there was no dust at all. It is a great city to walk around, and we walked from home to the office easily.  

The office atmosphere is relaxed. We came during the World Cup, so we were watching the World Cup on TV in our office at break time. What I love the most is an extremely popular Scottish dish called ‘Haggis’. But I still missed Thai food a lot, so we went to eat Thai food here together as well.  

Also, we visited the historic museums and the beautiful castles. It was an unforgettable first time living and working in England and Scotland. Thank you to Cathcart Technology for giving us this great opportunity.”     

Book: Our Principal Recruitment Consultant told us that…  

“From our exchange program at our head office of Cathcart Technology in the UK, I would like to share my experiences and wonderful feelings because apart from meeting new people, architecture, and natural places. We have had a chance to learn the working process of the UK team, which works differently from ours in terms of systems management and how to talk to candidates and a lot of the jobs in the UK are contract workers. 

Another memorable thing was getting to taste the traditional dish of Scotland called Haggis, which Gordy and Sam took us on an experience. The first time I tried it, it tasted very good. In addition, Gordy and Sam took us to try a Full Scottish Breakfast before heading back to Bangkok. 

On our exchange in the UK, we also had the opportunity to go on a day trip to the West Highlands, Loch Lomond, and castles in the UK. It was a wonderful and memorable experience in our life because it was the first time for everyone to visit Scotland and London. Most importantly, thanks to Cathcart Technology for giving us the opportunity to share this memorable experience.” 

Katoon: Our Principal Recruitment Consultant told us that…  

” It’s my first experience coming to England and the first time I’ve worked here at Cathcart Technology’s headquarters. I’ve been impressed by the weather here. And my favorite thing is the transportation that the main vehicles people use are trams, buses, and some of them walk to the office. Because the office is in the heart of the city, making it quite easy to get to work.  

Our behavior here is not much different from Thailand, the difference is that the people here are quite private, quite serious when they are working. But when it’s come to the break time, they are extremely fun! Especially we’re coming during the World Cup, It’s a lot of fun here. They are quite serious about the world cup as well. 

Another thing that is unique here is the concentration and intensity in the culture. The architecture here is very classic. Some of them are more than 100 years old but incredibly beautiful. Overall, the atmosphere is very nice, and I’m impressed to be here. Thank you Cathcart Technology for giving us this great opportunity.”  

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