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Published: 27.02.23

Cathcart Technology : IT Specialist

Cathcart Technology is the leading IT specialist recruitment from the UK. In 2015, Cathcart Technology set up its first ever Asia office in Bangkok, which is considered to be the continent’s rising hub of technology.  


Cathcart Technology: A Specialist IT Recruitment 

With more than 7 years of operational experience in Bangkok, Cathcart Technology has a vast database of IT candidates and has dedicated consultants specialized in their own particular area. This results in us becoming the leading expert in IT. We chose to focus on this sector as we recognized the positive impact IT sector has on businesses and how it fulfilled the interests of newer generations. 

Nowadays, the IT sector in Thailand is growing considerably with more challenging roles and higher compensations. The demand of IT professionals in the market skyrocketed due to a limited candidate supply when compared to those from other job sectors. Thus, IT professionals are now becoming the most sought out job positions in many businesses.  

According to the latest Cathcart Technology Salary Guide conducted in 2022 the below has been found:  

-Most demanded position: Software Development (29.1%) 

2nd most demanded position: Software Tester and QA (20%) 

3rd most demanded position: Data Technology (14.2%) 

In the past 2 years, IT Security and Cloud Technology position are increasingly needed in the market 

Below are the clarifications of each IT-focused area that is desirable in most businesses.  

Data Scientist 

This role is responsible for analyzing big data both online and offline to assist businesses in terms of promotion, product development, and consumer behaviour. Similar to a scientific method, the acquired big data will have to go through a chain of process of observation, hypothesis, test, and report conclusions. 

Data Analyst (DA) 

This role is responsible for analyzing customer’s data in terms of business insights to support further decisions and strategies. It’s not easy getting this in-depth information as the data needs to be in a clean form which can be quickly analyze using the method of Data Wrangling, Data Transformation + Data Cleaning.  

Data Engineer 

This role creates systems used to transfer data (Data Pipeline) and to store data (such as Data Warehouse or Data Lake). A person in this role requires to have an ability to write programs, software engineering skills, and knowledge on big data tools. 

IT Security 

This role works side by side with customers to create strategies in order to protect against cyber threats. It also works with internal IT department and general users by applying international standard to the organization. A person in this role needs to have a strong sense of urgency in order to quickly solve problems at hand.  

Cloud Engineer 

This role develops software on Cloud system by working alongside programmers and has a responsibility to upgrade, repair, and maintain software and Cloud database to ensure that they are working properly and up to standard. A person in this role also creates, designs, and sets up enviroment and service sysmtems on Public Cloud, such as Network, Security, Data Processor, Backup, DR, and Monitoring System.  

Front-End Developer 

This role acts as a program developer for user interface to create websites and web applications using the basic languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some websites have a hidden code on a back-end part, which is the part for reparing/maintaining how the websites look. This leads to further collaborations with a back-end developer role. 

Back-End Developer 

This role works on server-side software, such as databases and infrastructures, for those websites that users cannot directly respond. The basic languages for this role are PHP, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. 

Full Stack Engineer 

Full Stack Engineer (Full Stack Developer) creates both client-side and server-side software and possesses important skills which is called Full Stack. This role has an ability to work on data structures for both front-end and back-end applications, as well as an ability of mastering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages such as Ruby, PHP, and Python. 

Product Owner/Product Manager 

In Thailand, these two terms refer to the same role. This role acts as a CEO of the products which are resulting from Scrum. A person in this role is responsible for the whole end-to-end process of each project and represents users to ensure that product/customer requirements have been met. 

User Experience Designer 

User Experience Designer (UX/UI Designer) is responsible for understanding the overall aspects of user requirements to search for creative ideas and to recognize difficulties using a skill set of design thinking, design sprint, and lean UX. The main tasks for this role are to compile user information to conduct research, data analysis, test results, and design systems that are most compatible with users.  

We foresee that within this year and the next, IT professionals will be even more desired due to the evolving trends and digital transformation. Technology is now becoming the important tool to help drive businesses. As an expert in IT, your talents will grant you an advantage in pushing the business further to the finish line.  

If you are interested in any IT roles, whether in a big company or a start-up that will fit your lifestyle, search for our IT job vacancies at Cathcart Technology website or our LinkedIn page. Fascinating roles will be posted weekly just for you.  


Article by Thanisorn Boonchote

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