Business Analysts – An Essential Seat at the Tech Table

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Published: 18.07.22

‘Business Analysts are responsible for bridging the gap between IT and the core business’

Business Analysts, also known as BA’s, are a crucial cog in driving any meaningful movements and strategies for companies of all industries. Personnel in the technology space are often broken down into 2 main categories: technical and non-technical. BA’s navigate a unique segment of the workflow wherein they provide the link to what a business needs and what the software department can deliver. BA’s utilize a lot of communication. They are the boots on the ground in collecting requirements from key decision makers (management and/or clients) and users to translate them into vital data on the project at hand moving forward.

Core role and responsibilities of a BA aside, keeping up with new practices and methods is a major aspect towards businesses being as competitive and effective as possible. 2019 saw the considerable uptick of BA’s taking Big Data on board and adopting new ways to utilize the now popular tracking tool and next-level business insights it offers. Big Data is the secret sauce to interpreting the story behind the numbers and justifying the conception of an objective or advancement of an evolving project. The increasing demand for BA’s with a solid understanding of Big Data is here to stay.

Business Analysts are essentially tech-savvy consultants. Advice from these individuals can be a make or break for any sort of development as they analyze a host of factors from justification to feasibility. They are the first contact with business leaders to users and have the first word when software developers start asking questions like ‘’What are we building, why are we building it and for whom?’’3. It is not uncommon for BA’s to wear a number of hats in a team workflow, it comes with the territory. A BA can expect to pose as a Project Manager, a UX/UI designer in designing and presenting system mock-ups, even a Product Owner.

Heading a project of any scale is a delicate dance as it involves numerous parties and expectation management. Business Analysts are ‘’big picture’’ people because they oversee the cause and effect of a certain move and sometimes most importantly, could jump in when data-driven troubleshooting is called for before too many users are affected4. Business Analysts are valuable assets to every industry as technology continues to be a driving force and will always be a people business.

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