Beyond Recruitment: Cathcart Technology is committed to sustainability through “Care the Wild” by The Stock Exchange of Thailand : SET

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Published: 14.05.24

Amidst the growing concerns of global warming and environmental issues, achieving a balance between nature and development is a challenge that requires collaboration from all sectors. As a leading IT recruitment agency in Thailand, Cathcart Technology recognizes the importance of the environment and sustainability. Therefore, we have extended the CSR initiative from our headquarters, Cathcart Associates Group in Scotland, to Thailand (Click here to read the CRS initiative article). Our initiative focuses on tree planting and supporting organizations that work on environmental issues.

🌳Care the Wild & Cathcart Technology

Care the Wild project is a collaborative effort between the government, private sector, and civil society, aiming to create sustainable forest areas. It was initiated by The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) under the concept of “Plant & Protect.” Cathcart Technology has partnered with Care the Wild “Plant & Protect ” Project to restore the ecosystem, prevent drought, and create green spaces for Ban Sokhlok the community forest in, Chai Nat Province, with a target of planting 200 trees by 2024.

🌳Cathcart Technology: Beyond IT Recruitment

Cathcart Technology is more than just an IT recruitment agency. We are committed to being an organization that drives sustainable development through our CSR projects, which focus on supporting and creating a balance for the environment. For every successful candidate, Cathcart Technology will plant one tree in partnership with Care the Wild, under the concept of One Hiring – One Tree

At Cathcart Technology, we believe that collaboration between all sectors can lead to positive change and create a sustainable future for society.

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Benchawan Chanthima