What is Cyber Security Analyst and why is it important?

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Published: 18.07.22

After my experience in the recruitment field finding talents within Cyber Security, we could say that one of the most in demand talents in the market right now is a Cyber Security Analyst. If you are wondering what’s the responsibility of Cyber Security Analyst then I’d like to shed some light on the role. These individuals play a crucial part in the Security Operations Centre by protecting the company’s hardware, software, and networks from cybercriminals. But why is it such an in demand position in the market?

Firstly, let’s understand what is a Security Operations Centre (SOC). A SOC acts like a command center that records every event log in an organization’s IT infrastructure that is being monitored. The main function of the SOC team is to monitor, detect, and respond to cyber threats around the clock. As an incident is confirmed, SOC acts as a first responder to perform actions such as shutting down, deleting files, etc. Theses people would have a goal in mind to respond to any actions to reduce the impact to the company and minimize all risk to the company. After the incident, they will perform an investigation to figure out what exactly happened and why. They can even trace down the problem to its source to prevent similar issues in the future. Why is this so important? Cyber threats are evolving rapidly and in order to protect your organization from these attacks require rapid monitoring and response. The longer the incident goes on for, the greater the damage which could happen to the organization.

While in theory, an organization could protect itself without a dedicated SOC, in best practice this isn’t ideal. While a company has standard business hours, a Cybercriminal doesn’t. Attacker commonly performs their attacks after working hours and during weekends.

To minize that risk it requires a 24/7 monitoring model appled to the company’s Infrastructure and Data. An effective Security Centre can help an organization in the long run, as a data leak can easily carry a millions of baht fine.

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