How Tech Talent Outside of Bangkok is Reshaping the IT Landscape

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Published: 26.09.23


This year Cathcart Technology has increased our focus to engage with clients and candidates located outside of Bangkok.

There is a growing trend of tech companies increasingly relying on talent from outside of Bangkok reaching into the North and Northeast regions. This expansion is driven by the combination of skilled professionals who seek an emphasis on work-life balance.

It also emphasizes that factors like workplace atmosphere, lifestyle, and connection to their hometown play a significant role in making employees less eager to seek new opportunities and more inclined to stay with their current jobs.

According to data from WTW, the turnover rate in the IT industry is almost double the average rate of 9%, standing at nearly 20%. Therefore if companies can be flexible with WFH policy, then they may be able to attract and retain staff more effectively.

If expanding your operations outside of Bangkok aligns with your plans, we invite you to reach out to us for a briefing discussion on the situation. We have a talented pool waiting to connect with you and assist in building tech teams outside of Bangkok.

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