Cathcart Technology Scholarship 2024 for Kasetsart University

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Published: 05.07.24

Cathcart Technology is collaborating with the Faculty of Engineering at Kasetsart University aimed at helping first-year and second-year students studying Computer Engineering by providing a scholarship to students in need. 

Beyond Recruitment – Our main objective of this project is to strengthen the connections between higher education and the IT industry, with Cathcart Technology contributing to help encourage growth in this sector and we are now open for applications!


1. Must be a first-year or second-year student in the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, Bangkhen campus.

2. Must not have received grades of 0, F, or W.

3. Family income of both parents or guardians does not exceed 360,000 baht per year.

4. Not currently receive any other similar scholarships while applying for the Cathcart scholarship.

5. Demonstrate a keen interest in learning and developing skills in computer science or information technology.

6. Write an essay in Thai, not exceeding 500 words, according to the specified topic.


Applications are open from today until 30th August 2024.

Click here to apply


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Nick Macdougall