Benefits of Working with Cathcart Technology

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Published: 16.05.24

Your Partner in IT Recruitment

Expertise in the IT Job Market  

Combining our 9 years of experience working in the Thai tech market with our comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape, we thrive in providing you with a detailed and accurate consultation to best fit your company and the role.  

Advertise on JobsDB and Linkedin  

After gaining all the requirements from our client, we will then write and post a tailor-made advert on JobsDb, saving you the time and money. We will also post on our official LinkedIn page, giving you further access to our inclusive network of candidates.  

Access to one of Thailand’s biggest technology candidate databases 

With over 51,000 technology candidates on our company database, our consultants can access a huge pool of talents to find the best candidates for our clients. 

Save your time – Enhanced Efficiency and Speed  

We quickly connect you with qualified candidates, who are screened and evaluated by our hard-working consultants, providing a detailed analysis to why we think they’re a good match for the job.  

We help guide the entire process from start to finish   

Not only do we assist our clients, but we also guide candidates from the starting point of CV submission, right through the interview process, and all the way to the offer stage, which is the most critical stage.   

You only pay for our services when the candidate starts  

It’s only when the candidate begins their new career journey with you that you will pay for our services. 


Nick Macdougall